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How to Use Slate Filters as Backgrounds When Adding Posts to IG Stories

There’s a quick and easy way to add your brand filters to reposts in Instagram – allowing you to maintain brand consistency and getting your content to stand out from the masses.


Adding feed posts to your IG Story or re-sharing stories you’ve been tagged in is common practice on Instagram. It’s a great way to repurpose content or showcase your fans, but the final piece of content is pretty basic and doesn’t often highlight your brand.

You probably didn’t know there’s a quick and easy way to add your Slate filters to these posts in Instagram to maintain brand consistency and make your shared content stand out from the masses.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get the feed post or story you’d like to share and hit ‘Add to your story’.
  2. Once you have it in your Stories editor, before posting, open your Slate app.
  3. In Slate, find the filter you’d like to use to frame or act as a background on your the repost in the filters drawer*
  4. Once you see the filter in the filters drawer, long press (tap and hold the filter in the drawer for 2 seconds)  in order to copy the filter to your phone’s clipboard.
  5. Now switch back to your Instagram tab and you’ll see an ‘Add Sticker’ option pop up with the filter you just copied.
  6. Simply tap ‘Add Sticker’ and your Slate filter will drop into Instagram as a sticker for you to reposition to your liking. Once the filter is in place, tap on the IG post in order to bring it in front of the filter.

*If you plan to use a filter as a background, like in the example gif, you’ll want to make sure the filters you are planning to use have a transparent area in the middle (make the transparent box at least 800px x 800px if using a 1080×1920 dimension) in order for you to tap on the post in IG to bring that post in front of the filter.


Also, if the ‘Add sticker’ pop up goes away before you get a chance to tap it, you can always paste anything copied to your phone’s clipboard using the IG input text field. Tap to bring up the text functionality. Instead of typing, long press to bring up the “Paste” option. Hit Paste and your filter will drop into your story.

That’s it! Now your shared posts will stand out and be on brand!

Enjoy making your Stories stand out and stay on brand. Who knows, maybe you’ll hype up your content and even more fans will @ tag your brand.

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